Freelance journalism & literary miscellanea

Welcome to the site where I hang out my digital shingle.

I'm a New York-based staffer at the New York Times, where I helped create and launch the extremely cool NYT Now app. En route to my current job, I stopped at several other magazines and newspapers. One or two are still in business. I'm told you're not a veteran journalist until you've bankrupted a dozen publications. (My relatively complete journalism-job rundown lives at LinkedIn.)

I still take breaks to freelance on subjects including books, food, travel, and urban oddities like forgotten subways, telepresence bars, and the ROI of having a cat.

You can find me on Twitter @StacyCowley.

Google News offers a fairly comprehensive look at my recent writing. (Now that I'm editing, there isn't nearly as much of it as there used to be back in my daily-beat-writer days.) For a more selective culling, see the links at right.