Most of my writing is journalism. Sometimes I make stuff up instead.

My creative scribbling are generally science fiction/fantasy, as befits a reformed
tech-beat reporter. Below are links to some past & upcoming poems (p)
and stories (ss). (Yes, there are few. I am a hell of a lot less prolific with creative
endeavors than I am with beat reporting.)


"The Library" (ss)
Aoife's Kiss, December 2008

"Ember and Ash" (p)
Helix, Summer 2008

"Revisiting the Maiden's Tower" (p)
Goblin Fruit, Winter 2008

"Ab Aeterno" (p)
Star*Line, November/December 2007

"Our Cemetery for Chronology" (p)
Star*Line, September/October 2007

"Ode to a Relationship Gone Cosmically Wrong" (p)
Star*Line, July/August 2007