In my daily-beat-writer days I wrote upwards of 200 articles a year for work; attempting to link
them all would be daft and useless. So, here's a sampling.


Doctors blast ethics of $100,000 cancer drugs (CNNMoney)

Dying startup blogs its collapse (CNNMoney)

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg faces $1 billion tax bill (CNNMoney)


A community rallies around a ruined farm (Eatocracy)

Sandy's small business victims: We don't want loans! (CNNMoney)

We need to talk about zucchini (Eatocracy)

How a lying 'social engineer' hacked Wal-Mart (CNNMoney)

Turning the homeless into 4G hotspots (CNNMoney)

Be very, very careful what your smartphone gets near (CNNMoney)

How to buy 1 share of Facebook stock (CNNMoney)

You'll need a $30 adapter to link iPhone 5 to old gadgets (CNNMoney)

Kohlrabi, a highly adaptable space octopus (Eatocracy)

LinkedIn is a hacker's dream tool (CNNMoney)

Facebook's Zuckerberg may face $2 billion tax bill (CNNMoney)

Apple's ghost hangs over CES (CNNMoney)


Today's Hot Gadgets Will Be Tomorrow's Landfill (Village Voice)

A guide to Jack Dorsey's 80-hour workweek (CNNMoney)

How to stop your Facebook apps from sharing (CNNMoney)

Apple gives Tim Cook $384 million stock grant (CNNMoney)

The world in tweets and photos (CNNMoney)

Google, Facebook test IPv6 Internet upgrade (CNNMoney)

Government shutdown threat paralyzes contractors (CNNMoney)

LizaMoon attack infects millions of websites (CNNMoney)

SXSW crowd swarms for iPad 2 launch (CNNMoney)

Confession to-do list (CNNMoney Tech Tumblr)

Verizon quietly scraps 'new every two' credit (CNNMoney)


Amazon sold how many copies of Eclipse!? (CNNMoney)

Why I'm two-timing my bank (CNNMoney)

Turkey day in Sin City (Eatocracy)

AOL buys TechCrunch (CNNMoney)

The math behind 96 million burger choices (Eatocracy)

Apple loosens its chokehold on app development (CNNMoney)

Unprofitable Demand Media files for IPO (CNNMoney)

RIP Google Wave (CNNMoney)

Should you insure Fluffy and Spot? (Make Love Not Debt)

Latest Stats Show Falling Wages for College Grads (Village Voice)

Kale and Mushroom Sautee (Red Hook CSA)

Taking a Break from Monogamy (Make Love Not Debt)

Retailers poised for victory in debit card fee fight (CNNMoney)

The broken 296 stocks: One CEO's story (CNNMoney)


Alone in an abandoned car plant (

Yellow Cab holds California's last IOU (

How AmeriCorps Led to Obama's First Scandal (Village Voice)

Obama plays up small biz health care pain (

Audit: Small biz stimulus relief months behind schedule (

SBA readies emergency biz loans (

Stimulus: What's in it for small biz (

Obama: Pumping money into small biz (

Outlook Grim For Prospective Professors (Village Voice)


Message to Obama: Send loans fast (

Fact check: Plumber Joe's taxes (

Getting by on credit cards (

Obama's small biz rescue plan: The details (

Life after your bank fails (

McCain backs tax overhaul (

Healthcare headaches for small employers (

A requiem for Ron Paul (

Amid art boom, dealers brace for a bust (Fortune Small Business)

Oracle: Believe It or Not (CRN)


Parenting Skills: Google or Yahoo? (Fortune Small Business)

What's the Facebook Fight All About? (CRN)

Caught In NYC Taxi Tech Showdown (CRN)

Your Own Personal Blackboard Jungle (Village Voice)

IBM Dives Deep Into Virtual Realms (CRN)

Down Under, in Red Hook (Edible Brooklyn)

Which Way to Go in BI? (CRN)

Twitter Takes Praise And Grips Public At Mix07 (CRN)

SOA Building Blocks (CRN)

GPL 3: An Open-Source Earthquake? (CRN)



'Shopping' for care at the ER (Baltimore Sun)

Total Eclipse In Java Development (CRN)

Oracle's Shaky Math (CRN)

IBM Once Again Looking to Software for Growth (CRN)

Web 2.0: At the Tipping Point (Infoworld)

Riding the Ruby Rails in a New Direction (CRN)

App Support Upstarts Promise Lower Costs (Computerworld)

Cranky users want updates, SLAs (Infoworld)



Week of crashes highlights on-demand peril (Computerworld Australia)

Vendors look to strike gold with NY transit hype (Network World)

And the Emmy goes to ... IBM and Microsoft (PC World Australia)

Will's vision outlast Siebel's? (Computerworld)

Pure portal era ends, as BEA charts new course (IT World)

Charity Blogathon stumbles, but lives on (IT World)

More daylight-saving time means problems for developers (Computerworld)

IBM Posts Funeral Notice for OS/2 (LinuxWorld Australia)

Google Woos Book Publishers (

Nintendo invites shoppers to its retail World (

Review: Reflex, by Stephen Gould (Bookslut)

Shaheen faces tough market as Siebel's new CEO (InfoWorld)

Surviving the Literary Shakeout Means Turning to the Internet (New York Sun)

Book Him: Cliff Janeway is Back! (Westword)

Scientists Use Antispam Technology in AIDS Vaccine Work (Bio-IT World)

Ah, Those Memories of Silicon Alley (New York Sun)

Fiorina's fate was staked on merger's success (Computerworld)



Oracle faces daunting challenge integrating PeopleSoft (Computer Weekly)

PeopleSoft, Oracle fight is a canine affair (IT World)

Camera phones spur etiquette debate (PC World Malta)

Bush campaign Web site blocks overseas access (Computerworld)

PeopleSoft trial airs dirty laundry (CIO New Zealand)

J.P. Morgan cancels $5B IBM outsourcing deal (Computerworld)

321 Studios reaches postmortem deal with MPAA (The Industry Standard)

Software vendors face slow spending and changed market (IT World)

Berners-Lee extols Semantic Web at W3C conference (Computerworld)

Accounting rule changes could crimp stock options (The Industry Standard)

Preventing Disease, One Mad Cow at a Time (CSO Online)

IBM puts Blue Gene to work on Big Bang (Network World)

Profile: Earthling Publications (Bookslut)